Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Perils of conducting a ‘Voice of Customer’ Study In-house

Voice of Customer study is a very powerful technique that defines a detailed set of customer wants and needs, organized into a hierarchical structure, and then prioritized in terms of relative significance and satisfaction with existing alternatives. It gives the organization an opportunity to listen, learn, and more significantly to take action. 

Organizations need to decide whether they want to conduct a VOC just for compliance or they want a really unbiased understanding of their customer needs. Many times when organizations do the VOC studies in-house, they face various challenges, such as executives trying to influence the feedback and biasness in the findings. The primary challenge of doing a VOC in-house is the preconceived notions organizations have about their customers which eventually infect the quality of the customer feedback. 

I think to get an unbiased and accurate VOC study done, it’s essential to involve a competent third party agency who can always present a correct and honest picture of the customer feedback. Follow the  link ( ) to read my new blog on the perils of doing a VOC in house. 

Please feel free to share your experiences if you have conducted a VOC study in-house or through a third party agency. What were the challenges that you faced and how did you overcome them? We would love to hear about it.

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