Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do not buy car logos from the black market

Every time you stop at a signal now a days, the first thing you notice is that most of the cars have been stripped of their maker logos/monograms. At first I found it amusing, till yesterday when I discovered that the logo on my Tata Indica was also missing! Till now the logo thieves were targeting higher value car brands like Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Skoda, etc but off late even logos from Marutis and Tata have been disappearing.

Various newspapers have been reporting that these gangs mostly consist of school children, which is really shocking. These kids get anywhere from Rs. 25 to Rs. 500 depending upon which logo that can steal. Logos of Mercedes and BMW are the most sought after. Many schools have been facing problems with their students having been caught red handed while stealing logos. Also since most car owners don’t register a case of theft for the logos, police are unable to take any action.

But who are the customers for such stolen logos? Apart from the few rickshaw and truck drivers who pretend they drive BMW rickshaws and BMW trucks, we our selves who have their logos stolen, are the biggest customers! A second hand Honda logo costs around Rs. 1000 while an original costs somewhere around Rs. 4,000. So many people who have their logos stolen prefer to get logos in the black for a much lower price. Unless we stop this practice and only buy logos from authorised dealers, this logo theft will go on. The only way to kill supply is by killing demand. Also please inform the nearest police station that your logo has been stolen so that the police can keep a watch and try to nab the culprits.

And ya, well I did go to an authorised Tata dealer and got a new logo fixed.


  1. Ya, this has become a real pain yaar. Even my brother's Honda City lost its logo. He doesnt have the guts to get a new one, in the fear that it'll again be stolen!!

  2. ankush shah3:46 AM

    i faced it for myself nd it really sucks to c ur car widout it..... really very true........unless we become alert and supportive none can help us...time to wake up mumbaikars

  3. Thanks for your comment Ankush. I know it can be very frustrating. Unfortunately, most of the people involved in this scam are school children. So I think the police need to initiate an awareness drive amongst school children to refrain them from getting into this malicious activity.

  4. Yeh its really pain, when i found my figo's logo got stolen,
    I just buy a logo from the shop where I buy the accessories, for just 250 Rs. the logo looks like made of plastic, might be duplicate one, I am not sure the price of original logo.

  5. thanks for this blog it will help me to buy a car no i am looking for vitara brezza price


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