Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trip to Malshej Ghat

We had gone to Malshej Ghat last weekend which is a small hill station, 150 kms from Mumbai. Surrounded by tall Sahyadri Mountains and lush greenery, Malshej ghat transforms into a perfect heaven during the monsoons. We stayed at the Flamingo Resort there, which is owned by MTDC. The rooms and food arrangements were pretty good and the climate there was just incredible. As soon as you open the windows of your room, cool moist clouds rush in. You feel as if you are living in the sky. Everywhere you see there are beautiful waterfalls rushing down the mountains on to the roads.

We had an amazing time getting drenched in the waterfalls and the rains. There is not much to do at Malshej Ghat, apart from enjoying the beautiful scenery and the waterfalls, so make sure you go there only during the rains. Also try to avoid the weekends, as it will be full of wild crowds guzzling beer on the roads and dancing. So a better plan is to go there on a weekday if possible to get maximum enjoyment. Also other nearby attractions are the Shivneri fort, which is Shivaji maharaj’s birth place as well as the Levyadri and Ozar Ashtavinayak temples.


  1. Wow! Superb pics Aniket. Will defenitely try to plan a trip there soon :)

  2. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Your wife is pretty nice. (y)
    I am sure you had loads of fun in the midst of nature...;)
    Let us know through your blog, whenever you plan next...

  3. hi

    nice pics..i wonder if u cud also add a few pics of MTDC rooms and allied to the distance from the time dnt forget to add wud help travel freaks like me to have a good stay..especially since I never plan my holidays.

  4. Hi Sayantini,

    Not sure if I have the pics of the MTDC rooms but they were pretty good. Anyways there aren't too many options for hotels in Malshej ghat. MTDC is the best one actually. There are a few hotels but they are not on top of the mountain where MTDC is but they are at the bottom of the mountain. MTDC has the best location and is on the ghats. All the water falls are within 1 km of the MTDC hotel. MTDC serves pretty decent food there too. But the best time to go there is only during the monsoons when it is absolutely green and beautiful.

  5. Nice post... last photo with "Tai" is very sweet :) ... on Malshej Ghat

  6. Super post. I've been thinking about this topic.Congratulations on being so consistently interesting. Malshej ghat transforms into a perfect heaven during the monsoons. Maharashtra Planet offers great list of Places to see in Malshej Ghat.


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