Sunday, March 16, 2014

Restaurant Review | Zikomo, Baner Road, Pune

Zikomo is fast turning out to be our favourite restaurant in the Baner-Aundh area. Whenever we want to take someone out for lunch or dinner, Zikomo has turned out to be the safest option and they have never disappointed us.

So this Saturday when our parents came down from Mumbai, dinner was at zikomo! We generally prefer the lounge type sitting, but this time to make it easy for the senior generation, we opted for the regular table chair sitting.

Now service at Zikomo has always been superb. The waiters know what they are serving, take the orders correctly and the food also comes to your table within acceptable time.

For starters we had dahi kebab (yes yogurt kebabs @ Rs 185) and Jalapeno cheese poppers (Rs 215) and broccoli cooked in Manchurian style (Rs 225). While all the starters were nice, I’d like to make a special mention of the broccoli which was simply superb!

For the main course our parents tried the Indian fare and had Ratan Manjusha (a kofta curry @ 245), Daal tadka (Rs 125) and butter naan. They quite liked the taste as it was not spicy or oily. We went for the Thai curry and Jasmine rice (Rs 265) which was absolutely lip smacking!

For desserts we tried the apple pie with vanilla icecream which was frankly quite ordinary. But in all we really really enjoyed the food and service there.

This place is definitely recommended!

Damage: Rs 600-700 per head
Ambiance: Good
Taste: Fantastic
Service: Excellent
Portions: Decent

Value for money: Yes


  1. Anonymous2:04 AM

    liked da bold writing....wud u like to chk the food at my restro....its central perk 7 ...we hv live bbq...its like a small katta...if u watch f.r.i.e.n.d.s ...ull knw we r big fans...reva :)

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