Sunday, March 16, 2014

Restaurant Review | Mezza9, Hinjawadi, Pune

We had heard a lot about Mezza9 and it’s been on our go-to-list for quite some time. Last weekend we had family visiting and hence decided to try out Mezza9 as we had heard a lot about the ample sitting places and excellent ambience. So all of us (a group of 13 people including 1 kid and 2 babies) landed up at Mezza9 at around 2 pm on last Sunday. The place was literally empty but the waiters finally gave us a large enough table to accommodate all of us, after a lot of internal discussion! I really don’t know what and why they were discussing so much as the restaurant was literally empty!

Any ways the sitting is quite decent and the place has a lot of greenery around. But frankly the good points stop right there! Everything coming after this is absolutely disappointing.

First of all the place and our table (outside sitting under the canopy) was swarming with flies. We had to eat with one hand and swat the flies with the other!

Secondly, the waiters showed least interest in serving us or taking orders. We had to wait for ages to locate them …. This is really surprising as the place was literally empty!

Then the tables. Well they were big …. But then the waiters could never reach the guests sitting at the ends as they couldn’t reach them. We had to serve ourselves! Guys you need better planning!
Any ways all things aside – lets come to the food! That’s why we went there right! But alas most of the fare they served was quite average.

For soups we had Minestrone (rs 150), manchow (rs 130) and TomYum (rs 140). Well to put it simply, we’v had way better soups in lesser places!

For starters we had Mozzarella sticks with spicy tomato sauce (rs 280) and Paneer banjara kebab (rs 220). The Mozzarella sticks were quite nice though we never got the spicy tomato sauce. The paneer was quite ordinary.

Then we went for sizzlers. We had Harvest Supreme (rs 350), Tikka masala (rs 350), Oriental (rs 330) and Paneer Nawabi (rs 350). Again most of the sizzlers were quite ordinary … nothing outstanding!

Finally I would not recommend this place if you are looking for good food or service. May be if you want to spend long evenings/nights with friends over drinks … you could give this place a try!

Damage: Rs 500-600 per head
Ambiance: Ok (flies can be really irritating)
Taste: Average
Service: Poor
Portions: Could be better

Value for money: No


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